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Dear EZV Course Customers,

Welcome inside the membership! Specifically, you are in what's known as the "Member's Dashboard" and this is always where you will first end up when you login. You can consider this like a sort of "home base" from which you can move and explore the rest of the member's area.


Please Sign Up For the E-mail List: EASY VERMICOMPOSTING E-MAIL LIST
(IMPORTANT: In the very first email you receive there is a confirmation link you must click in order to be fully signed up. If you don't receive this email please check your SPAM folder or under the "Promotions" tab if you happen to be a Gmail user.)

Yes, the course is being "retired" - but the email list will still be an important way for me to get in touch with anyone who has purchased it.

Moving On...

If you are on a computer/laptop, over on the right-hand side you will find a menu with links to all the various lesson pages (and other membership pages of importance). If you visit any of these (lesson) pages you will find, BARE MINIMUM, an audio (MP3) lesson that you can listen to or download.

If you want to download the full course at once, visit the "Downloads" page (NOTE: The course will be in .ZIP format so it will need to be unzipped before you can access the audios).

The sidebar menu will likely appear BELOW the main content. So please scroll down to find the important navigation links (regardless of what page you are on - they should be there).

Recommendations for the Course
1) Go through the material in the order presented (i.e. top to bottom - "Course Overview" down through to "Troubleshooting")
2) Take your time - a lot of these lessons are quite lengthy, so I recommend just focusing on one at a time.
3) Don't obsess over small details - this course is mostly about the underlying core concepts of vermicomposting. As you'll see, I try to hammer this home A LOT! 😆
4) Think of this as sitting down to a conversation with me (one-sided as it may be. lol)! It's pretty "real" - not super-polished and flawless - but the information is solid.
5) If you need to ask any questions along the way, don't hesitate to get in touch via the support page (I recommend this over leaving comments on the lesson pages).

Originally we had a EZV member's forum - but it just didn't get enough activity to warrant keeping it going. A FAR better place to ask questions and learn more about vermicomposting is the Red Worm Composting Facebook Community.

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