This is the very first post on the Easy Vermicomposting blog, so (apart from welcoming everyone to the site) I thought it might not be a bad idea to provide everyone with a bit of a course overview!

Easy Vermicomposting is focused on establishing a VERY solid grasp of the fundamentals of vermicomposting, which - in their most basic form - can be distilled down to the "requirements" and the "hazards". i.e. what do we NEED in order to successfully vermicompost, and what's going to IMPEDE our progress. I've also placed some importance on the overall (successful) "vermicomposting mindset" - since how you approach your worm composting efforts, mentally, can in fact have a HUGE impact on your success and, ultimately, on your likelihood to stick with it.

At this time, the course is made up primarily of (MP3) audio lessons - 15 lessons, totalling close to 11 hours of top notch vermicomposting education. Each lesson has it's own specific page where you: 1) Can access and/or download the audios, 2) Will find additional resources and information (to be added over time), and 3) Can ask questions and interact with other members.

Here is the run-down of how the course is laid out:

Course Overview - As the name implies, this an introduction to the course - WHAT it's all about, WHY I created it, WHO it's for (and WHO I am), HOW to best approach the lessons etc.

LESSON 1 - Vermicomposting 101 - This is an overview of the topic of vermicomposting - what it is, why it's so special, and what sort of traits/habits tend to lend themselves well to "successful vermicomposting"

LESSON 2 - Requirements - What exactly is needed in order to vermicompost (and do so effectively)?

LESSON 3 - Hazards - What things can stand in the way of effective vermicomposting?

LESSON 4 - Bentley's Golden Rules - A handful of core guidelines I offer as a good means of keeping on track with your vermicomposting efforts.

LESSON 5 - System Overview - A look at the vermicomposting "system" (and no, I'm not simply referring to worm bins! lol).

LESSON 6 - Structure - Looking at the "structure" component of the vermicomposting system.

LESSON 7 - Food - Exploring the topic of worm "foods". What are the ideal materials? What are the ones we need to be a bit more careful with? What ones should we avoid altogether?

LESSON 8 - Bedding - A look at vermicomposting system "bedding". Why it's important and what materials work best (and in what situations).

LESSON 9 - Optimization - How to improve the overall efficiency of your vermicomposting systems.

LESSON 10 - Worms - Up close and personal with various composting worm species.

LESSON 11 - Compost Ecosystem - Looking at many of the other important "critters" that can live in a vermicomposting system.

LESSON 12 - Setting up a System - How to properly set up your system (core concepts that apply to ALL systems + specific info for various types of systems)

LESSON 13 - Ongoing Maintenance - How to take care of your vermicomposting system over the long haul.

LESSON 14 - Harvesting - A look at vermicompost and how to harvest it.

LESSON 15 - Troubleshooting - How to assess and deal with vermicomposting system "problems" effectively.

Although there is a LOT of content etc available already, it's important to note that I am literally JUST GETTING STARTED here (as I write this). Apart from just generally beefing up each of the lesson pages, I'll definitely be putting together several "BONUS" audios (I got started on these, but due to various circumstances and a desire to make sure the main course was as complete as possible, I decided to put them on hold until after the launch) - and almost certainly more lessons in general!

All customers receive ALL updates free of charge.

If you'd like to learn more and/or sign up for the course, you can do so here:
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